The mission is to inspire wearing well made, exquisite accessories and clothes which is at the heart of Anaïs Renaud. Our approach to sustainability lies in the design of each of our garments and we are fully committed to reduce the environmental impact of our work by developing sustainable solutions around the fibres we are using, always using natural fabrics.

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Raw materials

By staying connected to our producers we make sure that the work is made sustainably with no chemicals used whatsoever throughout the whole supply chain. Our beliefs are strongly rooted in sourcing raw materials in order to certify that the highest possible ethical standards are kept when making your clothes and accessories.

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Supply chain

Each step of our supply chain is meticulously checked, the cotton is spun into high quality yarn and again when it is time to go to production. We do not dye the garments due to the fibre pre-treatments and most importantly to not damage our oceans. Check out our future endeavours.

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Eco Design, Life Cycle Assessment

The special high tech fibres we are using are highlighting the local handcraft and the ethical issues we are facing. We highly value the product life cycle and the reuse of materials for a better biodiversity, aiming to make a piece of clothing that our clients cherish and can pass on to the next generation. Our brand’s attributes are a mix of eclectic legacy with French and Italian heritage, exquisite eye for detail and a mission of helping consumers to own a luxurious garment while reducing our everyday waste.